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Don’t Get Stuck with a Bad EIFS Stucco Contractor: Here’s How to Choose Wisely

One of the best recommendations when it comes to choosing an Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) contractor, is understanding what you want for your project and how to get your desired results.

If your home or building is new construction, have the professional installer involved in the design stage of your project. An experienced EIFS stucco contractor can save you thousands of dollars in costly design alterations in the field.


If your home or building has an Exterior Insulation Finish System, sometimes referred to as synthetic stucco, and needs repair, keep in mind, it has failed for a reason. The system
in itself doesn’t fail: the materials designed to protect the system fail.
These materials include flashing, proper sealant, expansion joints, and
drainage vents. The system also has to be properly installed to ensure its
integrity and longevity. Touching up the system may make your cladding
aesthetically pleasing but something had to have failed for the system to need
repair. And that something will continue to wreak havoc.

Here are some tips to follow when choosing a EIFS contractor:

Choose a contractor that is experienced. Some inexperienced contractors may talk a good talk, but if they aren’t experienced in synthetic stucco, they’re installation will take longer
and is destined to fail in a few years.

Ask for references. A contractor that does good work will have no problem providing references of happy customers.

Ensure the contractor is certified in the product they are using. This is important because if they are not trained by the manufacturer and are not up to date on applications and
changes to installation, they could have good intentions but install inadequate, unprotected systems.

The contractor needs to be knowledgeable on:

  • The type of substrate the cladding will be applied.
  • The Water Resistant Barrier application.
  • The vertical adhesive beads for drainage.
  • Application of EPS foam.
  • Base coat and fiberglass mesh over foam.
  • Application of finish coat.

Throughout the application, installing flashing, expansion joints, sealant, and drain vents as needed. Also know the manufacturers guidelines for proper installation.

Guidelines for proper installation.

Hiring an experienced certified installer will give you peace of mind that the job is being installed correctly, at each step of the way.

When using a professional contractor, expect to make payments
throughout the installation of your project. Usually, after the estimate, a
small deposit upfront, to be put on the contractors schedule. A payment to
start the project, a payment mid-way, and a final payment upon completion.

Aside from saving money on supplies and materials, there’s a bigger way that a professional contractor saves you money. A job well done is money well spent. But a job that’s half-done or one where the work is performed inadequately can cost you double
in the long run; once you factor in repairs.

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