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In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a building’s exterior also serves to protect the interior from the weather. Using EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) stucco is one technique to protect the integrity of your structure. Because of its energy efficiency, toughness, and versatility, EIFS stucco is a preferred option for many property owners. EIFS stucco (also known as Dryvit or Synthetic Stucco), like any building materials, might eventually need to be repaired and maintained. Look no farther if you live in Southeast Michigan and require EIFS stucco repair. We provide dependable and professional synthetic stucco repair services. Call Now and ask for a free estimate on your EIFS stucco repair! 888-407-2609 or Email: requestquote@eifsrepair.com


Description of EIFS stucco.

Why Should You Choose EIFS Stucco?

Advantages of EIFS Stucco Repair

Warning Signs You Need EIFS Stucco Repair

Why Repair Your EIFS Stucco?

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Description of EIFS stucco.

EIFS stucco is an exterior cladding system that comprises insulation, reinforcement, and a decorative finish. It is sometimes referred to as Synthetic stucco or Dryvit stucco. Due to the fact that it offers a strong and energy-efficient solution for building exteriors, it is a preferred option among property owners. Also adaptable and customizable to any building form or style is EIFS stucco.

Why Should You Choose EIFS Stucco?

Compared to alternative exterior cladding solutions, synthetic stucco offers a number of benefits. Better insulation is provided, which may lead to decreased energy bills. Also, it is lightweight, which facilitates installation and lessens the load on the building structure. With the right upkeep, Exterior Insulation and Finish System stucco is also quite resilient to impacts and cracks, and it can survive for many years.

Warning Signs You Need EIFS Stucco Repair

Even though synthetic stucco is robust, over time it could need repair and upkeep. Some indications that your Exterior Insulation and Finish System stucco may require repair include:

Repairing Exterior Insulation and Finish System stucco has advantages.

There are several advantages to repairing EIFS stucco, including:

Services for Repairing EIFS Stucco

In Southeast Michigan, we provide dependable and professional Exterior Insulation and Finish System stucco repair services. Our group of skilled professionals will evaluate the damage and offer a thorough restoration strategy. To make sure the repair is durable and efficient, we exclusively employ top-notch supplies and methods. Our offerings consist of:

Repairing stucco cracks

Fixing areas of moisture intrusion

Repair of stucco finish

Flaking and peeling Dryvit

Missing kickout flashings

Repairing damage brought on by impact or other outside influences (vehicle damage, lawn maintenance, delivery, etc.).

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Fill out the form, and it will be emailed to us or call 888-407-2609 and talk to Corey Turcotte. Corey has over 30 years’ experience in the Exterior Insulation and Finish Sytem industry and has focused on repairing this product longer than anyone in the industry. You would be hard pressed to find someone more qualified to do your Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) repairs. 

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