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Vehicle Damage

Vehicle damage is a common repair with EIFS Stucco. From customers running into the building when trying to park to delivery trucks hitting the overhang. Vehicles can do some damage. Drugstores, churches, hospitals and restaurants all are prone to delivery trucks hitting the overhang because they are trying to drop something off and don’t realize the truck they are driving will not clear the overhang. We see this a lot on commercial buildings but delivery trucks hit homes as well. 


To learn more about Exterior Insulation and Finish System aslo known as Dryvit or Synthetic Stucco visit our YouTube Channel. We are currently update our YouTube content so you will find some new videos each week

EIFS stucco vehicle damage

If you have vehicle damage on your building give us a call we will fix it right up. Call 888-407- 2609 for your free estimate in Southeastern Michigan.

Projects We Have Done

EIFS stucco bay doors with vehcile damage from delivery trucksHere is a project we did on a bay door that was continuely being damaged from trucks unloading. We used heavey mesh here to make the EIFS stucco 10 times stronger. It is possible to make this product much stronger. It may not make sense to do the entire building like this but in this high traffic area it sure does. 

Semi truck hit the Arch
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Extensive Damage
The truck pulled the stucco away from the wall
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We put everything back together
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A Synthetic Stucco Project in Northville Michigan

We did a project in Northville Michigan that was hit by a runaway car. Check out the images below which show the process of the repair. From the original damage to the finished product. You cannot even tell a car ever hit the wall. These four images are actually a small sample of the actuall process that took place. There was some light carpentry work, liquid moisture barrier, starter track, sticking of the foam, several coats of fiberglass based cement, top coat and finally paint. 

Vehicle damage in Northville Michigan
Dryvit stucco damaged by car

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