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Protect Your Investment: Why Self Inspecting Window Sealant is a Must-Do for Your EIFS Stucco Home


As a homeowner, you should check the sealant around your EIFS synthetic stucco home’s windows often. A 5/8 inch expansion is one crucial feature to look for. The windows must have a space around them to allow for expansion during sudden temperature changes and when the house settles over time.

Sealant Crack

Instead of brittle sealant, it’s critical to have soft caulking that moves when you’re evaluating the sealant. Brittle sealant is more likely to break and fail, but soft caulking is more flexible and can better handle house movement. Proper caulking will feel like a gummy bear. Additionally, it’s critical to check for sealant cracks, which could let water into the home and result in damage.


Synthetic stucco sealant used in Exterior Insulation and Finish System frequently separates from the stucco side but stays attached to the window side, providing a funnel for water to enter. If the water can’t get out, the substrate may decay, which can result in serious issues. But more recent EIFS products, such “The Next Generation of EIFS,” feature a drainage mechanism that significantly lessens this problem.

Fix Any Problems

Keep in mind that dampness behind an older version of EIFS might result in major complications, and take immediate action to fix any problems you notice. Your property can be protected from water damage and kept in good shape for years to come by routinely examining your sealant and taking care of any problems you notice.


In conclusion, it’s crucial for homeowners to frequently check the sealant around their windows on Exterior Insulation and Finish System synthetic stucco homes. Make sure there is a 5/8″ gap around the windows, flexible caulking rather than brittle sealant, cracks in the sealant, and detachment from the stucco side but continued adhesion to the window side are all signs of sealant failure. Remember that dampness behind an older version of EIFS can lead to major complications, so it’s crucial to take care of any problems you detect right away.


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