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From Traditional to Synthetic: The Transformation of Stucco in Michigan

Stucco in Michigan 

With time, Michigan’s conventional stucco has faded away due to the state’s ever-changing weather conditions. In earlier times when people thought Portland-based cement could survive for more than a century; in truth, it can bear just over one hundred freeze-thaw cycles before failing. Unfortunately, Michigan winters witness several freezing and thawing cycles drastically reducing traditional stucco’s lifespan. Yet there emerged a new kind of synthetic stucco in Michigan called Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) in the eighties that gained immense popularity in the late nineties owing to its superior properties against extreme weather conditions compared to brittle conventional stucco.  

 EIFS Stucco 

Furthermore, EIFS was substantially lighter by almost eighty percent than conventional materials making it highly attractive for contractors as they had various options available for building applications. Nonetheless, around early two thousand came with an issue with its first version known as The Barrier System. The product at hand was indeed impressive; however, it faced difficulties when external factors caused moisture intrusion into its system leading to rotting of underlying wood structures. Fortunately for home dwellers in Michigan state who faced these issues predominantly on wooden-framed houses, an effective liquid moisture barrier introduced in 2007 completely resolved this problem by ensuring that synthetic stucco application followed waterproofing of an underlying layer.  

 Commercial Structures 

A key factor to note is that commercial structures constructed using materials like glass or steel or block along with roof coverings were relatively safe from such concerns.  

 Today’s Stucco Landscape 

Today’s trend favors EIFS stucco over traditional ones because of its remarkable ability to address such problems while being well-suited for Michigan’s weather conditions despite being less common than traditional options used previously. More and more contractors and homeowners are opting for synthetic stucco as it has many benefits, especially its Exterior Insulation and Finish System’s energy efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Stucco in Michigan

  • What issues did the first version of EIFS stucco face?

The first version of EIFS stucco, known as the barrier system, faced difficulties with moisture intrusion, leading to rotting of underlying wood structures.

  • When was the liquid moisture barrier introduced and what problem did it solve?

The liquid moisture barrier became mainstream about 2007. It resolved the issue of moisture intrusion by ensuring that synthetic stucco application ensured waterproofing of the underlying layer (wood substrate).

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In the realm of Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) stucco repairs, selecting a certified contractor is of utmost importance. As a certified applicator of EIFS with extensive knowledge and experience, Corey Turcotte understands the intricacies of synthetic stucco and the reasons behind its failures. His certifications from leading manufacturers Dryvit™, STO™, and Senergy™, coupled with his expertise in moisture intrusion and bird behavior, set him apart as the go-to specialists for Exterior Insulation and Finish System repairs in the Metro Detroit area. With over 30 years of industry experience, including 20 years focusing on repairs, Corey Turcotte is dedicated to delivering the highest level of expertise and ensuring flawless repairs for his valued clients.

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